Web Content Strategy

for the Insurance Industry
Grab the attention of your visitors and compel them to action with intelligent layout, stunning graphics and the right branding.
Whether you market individual insurance, Medicare, Group Benefits, or Property Casualty, we develop and write content that tells your unique story and blend it with our educational and resource material geared for visitors seeking insurance coverage.


Sample Content Ideas

Call To Actions

Multiple options for Instant Quote Agent Links or Quoting Engine Links. Web Contact Forms & Group Census Forms for client convenience.

Tabs, Toggles and Pop-Ups

These tools allow you to display a great deal of information on your plans & services without looking too busy!

Clickers and Countdowns

Display annual open enrollment dates and a dynamic countdown for the Individual Health Market and Medicare.

News, Feeds and Blogs

Keep your customers informed and connected with multiple options for displaying your blog, news or social media feeds.

Concierge Client Area

Provide useful forms, information, tips, trends and notices via this password protected section. Can be “per client” or “one page fits all.”

Testimonials & Case Studies

When uniquely designed, testimonials & case studies can have a powerful and positive impact on potential new clients.

Stunning Home Page Gallery

Rotating Galleries give you the opportunity to tell your unique story and competitive edge in a snapshot.

Substantive ``About Us``

We’ll help you develop meaningful content derived from your philosophy and goals, along with an impressive display of your credentials.

Carrier Gallery

Multiple options for displaying carriers. List as little as five of your top carriers, or your entire portfolio of carriers – it’s up to you.


With so many cookie-cutter options out there, Agent Webwerx offers customized web design exclusively for insurance agents and underwriters at affordable rates.

Our hosting fees are comparable to the larger well-known hosting companies, but include valuable web master services to assure your website is always functioning properly. This includes:

  • SSL Certificate
  • Security
  • Regular back-ups
  • WordPress software updates

We build our websites with WordPress technology. WordPress is a full content management system, and one of the most popular website softwares, with more than 75 million sites built.

WordPress sites are responsive (mobile friendly), meaning they will intelligently adjust layout to whatever size device the site is being viewed from. Considering that a majority of people browse the internet on their phones or tablets, responsiveness is a necessity in websites today.

Optional add-ons to WordPress sites are WordPress Plugins, which save our client’s money as they eliminate the need to hire a developer to make the website perform a function, and sometimes, pretty complex tasks. An example, live chat.  With more than 50,000 Plugins available, if you need a special function on your site, there is probably a Plugin for it.

WordPress is user friendly. Setting up WordPress can be complicated, but once complete, navigating the system and maintaining is very easy.

WordPress is secure. WordPress sites have a team of security experts around the world who work to stay ahead of the hackers. Software updates that keep the core safe from attacks are free and easy to implement!

WordPress is SEO friendly. WordPress themes are coded the right way, which makes them very SEO friendly right from the start. With WordPress you can create keyword-rich URL titles and organic page content that is just adored by Google’s search criteria (algorithm). Additionally, there are many effective WordPress Plugins that help maximize SEO without hiring an expert.

Content. As marketing professionals who work in the insurance industry, a primary focus of Agent Webwerx is helping agents determine what they should say on their website to help them build their book of business. To develop the most useful and compelling content, we have developed a JUMPSTART process designed to extract information that pinpoints your specific needs. The JUMPSTART process is insurance industry specific. We also perform research and take a peek at what your most successful competitors are doing, so we can present you with additional options.

Design. Effective web design is the virtual balance of eye-pleasing aesthetics with useful information and user-friendly, intelligent functionality that compels visitors to stick around after that first glance. We pride ourselves on letting the most important and interesting aspects of our client’s content also drive the visual design, and, we spend an enormous amount of time looking for unique stock photos and graphics that are perfect for our client’s message.

Development. The development phase of web design integrates functionality with design and content on one single platform.  We have a WordPress developer on our team and also work with a few more on an “as needed” basis.  An example of functionality on our sites includes quote links, contact forms, blogs, feeds, WordPress Plugins and third party APIs, like Constant Contact, Salesforce, PayPal, or Woo Commerce.

Educational Information. Our sites include optional standard educational information and resources specific to the insurance industry. For example, whether you specialize in Individual, Group, Business (PC), Financial Services or Medicare, we have developed standard language to inform your clients of pertinent information and to describe the features of various insurance plans and other related products.This includes retirement plans, wellness plans, HR services, and much more. If you can think of it, we have it. And, we use nifty tools like toggles, tabs and pop-ups to present lengthy information without crowding the site.

Healthcare Reform. Unless otherwise instructed, our sites will automatically include a section or page on HCR and the Affordable Care Act, and covers the basics – what your clients need to know.

Resources. We have a vast list of resources (media, graphs and other tools) we can link to, or incorporate directly into your site, careful to always credit the source. Examples: retirement or subsidy calculator, or Medicare supplement chart.

Third Party Vendors. We are very familiar with many of the industry’s third party vendors, like HR360, UBA, ThinkHR, HRAnswerLink, easecentral, Employee Navigator, benefitsConnect and others. We can help you convey to potential clients (website visitors) the significance of these “value add” resources.

Compliance. We are aware that the industry is heavily regulated and you may be required to include standard compliance language and follow other rules on your website. Whether you are marketing securities or Medicare, we are very familiar with these rules and regulations and can help keep your site compliant.

Using your website as a theme, we will set up Your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts and profile.  This includes writing a short organizational description, full contact info and website address.

We’ll also provide on your profile:

  • Your website photos and logo
  • Main philosophy and branding
  • Products and Services

Then we’ll provide training while creating and uploading the first two to three posts/tweets for you.

We can also integrate your social media posts with your blog, meaning you post just once on your blog and it automatically posts the blog on your social media(s).

You May Be Interested In these WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are pre-designed widgets that can be added to extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress website.

Request and Complete Our Easy JUMPSTART

And we’ll take it from there, managing the entire process and delivering a turn-key site so you can continue to run your business!

The JUMPSTART process is designed to extract information that pinpoints your specific needs and is insurance industry specific.

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Our Portfolio

Selected Samples of Our Work
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More About Us

Our Philosophy and Cost Containing Strategies
With a background in insurance, and formerly known as eMarket Web Design, we have morphed into Agent Webwerx and have been designing insurance agent websites for nearly a decade now. However, we don’t call ourselves web designers. We are partners who help clients navigate the fast moving and complex internet technology landscape that is continually outpacing small business owners.

To fit the needs of our clients and their budget, we integrate WordPress themes with predesigned widgets and functions that can be highly customized and a lot less expensive than starting from scratch.



What Our Clients Say About Our Work and Our Process
  • “Gloria, looks absolutely incredible.  When we spoke on the Friday after Thanksgiving, I was very impressed and confidant that you were going to do a great job.  Well, you far exceeded my expectations!!!  Thank you for an outstanding result.  Feel free to have anyone call me in the future for a reference.  “

    Scott Wood, President, Benefit Commerce Group
  • I needed a website that would be appealing to my Medicare clients and easy to use. When I first saw the draft site they designed for me, I was VERY IMPRESSED.  Also, Agent Webwerx was very knowledgeable about the industry and provided a majority of the content, including compliance language.

    I continue to work with Terri on my site, adding more functionality and content, and remain satisfied with their work. I have received numerous positive reactions to the website by prospects, clients, and my Manager at United Health Care.

    I got a call in January from a women in Florida looking for a Medicare Agent in Homewood. She googled just that Medicare Agent in Homewood. As the result of the work your firm did for me. I made that sale which will pay for the web-site this year.


    Judith Pedgrift, Owner, Choices Brokerage
  • “Gloria did an outstanding job in designing and writing the content for our website. I put in less than 3 hours of effort, which includes the up-front conversations, questionnaire, and content organization, along with the initial review for editing. In the end, I wound up with a website that far exceeded what I thought were high expectations. I would highly recommend Agent Webwerx if you are looking for a professionally designed website.”

    Justin Pieper, Partner, Group Benefit Partners
  • Being licensed in 22 states, we are constantly promoting our services through tv and social media campaigns and needed to update our website to project a professional image with easy to use features for our website visitors. The team at Agent Webwerx does very good work.  They are very creative, attentive and affordable. We have hired them for many other projects.

    Mark Gurda, President, Castle Group Health Inc.
  • Gloria went above and beyond my expectations and transformed my simple little outdated website into something that projects the image of professional, much larger agency. This is important since I am a very small agency trying to compete with the technologies and images of much larger agencies. I just let her run with it and she did not disappoint.”

    Scott Snowden, Snowden Benefits
  • We were very impressed with the quality and layout of the website that Gloria and her team designed and implemented for our business. It is easy to navigate, and Gloria and her team have handled updates to information on the website quickly and professionally. We recently upgraded the website to make it friendly for use on mobile devices, and the new design is even crisper and better than before. In addition, the price was very reasonable; it was much lower than I expected it to be.

    We did not expect the website to be a revenue source for us, as most of our business comes through referrals and responding to proposals. However, due to the optimization employed for our website, we have gained several new clients who were able to find us when searching for our services and who then contacted us through our website. We come out at the top of the list when potential clients are searching for our services, and that generates new business for us. We highly recommend Gloria and her team for your website needs.

    Roger Burton, FSA, MAAA & President
  • I just wanted to say that Terri has been GREAT at assisting me in my SEO activities from a technical end.  She is very knowledgeable and responsive.  Very refreshing to be working with someone like her.

    Harry Semerjian, Digital Marketing Specialist