Not too long ago, a majority of websites were built using Adobe Flash technology. Flash is used in websites to create vector graphic animations and some simple interactivity. Simply put, Flash is what used to make your visitors go ooh and aah! We say “used to” because if your site hasn’t been updated in last five years, your visitors probably can’t see your Flash site at all. As different devices have emerged over the past decade, like the iPhone, iPad, Android and other smart phones and tablets, Flash became less universal and HTML5 has become the standard.

HTML5 is outstanding universal code that makes it easy to include and handle audio, video, multimedia and graphical content on the web in multiple browsers, and also assists with responsive design. Responsive design and HTML5 go hand-in-hand and make your website just as stunning on a mobile device as your desktop.

In the current technology landscape, did you know that more than 35% of your customers browse the internet on their smart phones and tablets? Did you know that a majority of people who browse the internet on their smart phones and tablets use them to get information on businesses? This is probably the most single important reason to update your site if you are still using Flash technology. But if you need more, Google actually advises searchers not to open Flash sites when they detect that the searcher’s device won’t support it.

As an added bonus, HTML5 helps your site rank better in Google’s search engines because the code is stable and universally supported by all devices and desktops. Another perk, HTML5 makes your site load faster.

If you have a Flash site and the flash is gone, we hope we have made you think about taking the next steps towards updating your site.

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